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Soon, the first match ended with 2: 0.

This competition was not a focal battle but it was obvious that there was a gap in strength between the two sides. The disadvantaged party did not put up much resistance and played GG.

This was also what Zhao Xuming was more worried about now. The gap in strength in the entire GPL league was a little serious. The FV Team at the top was the only one. The next level was SUG, and the other teams were below them.

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This could not be helped.IOI local server was not doing too good after all. There was little fresh blood, and the teams behind were not easy to catch up. Thus, this gap in strength might last for a long time in the future.

However, this was not a particularly serious problem for Zhao Xuming. It would definitely be resolved as the GPL league developed rapidly.

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Even if he was anxious now, this problem could not be solved quickly. What’s more, Zhao Xuming had more important work to do.

After a simple transition, the highlight of the day, FV Team’s competition, was about to begin.

The director had already given the data of the two teams in the second round to the platform before this. When advertisements were inserted in between the competitions, the three commentators took the time to familiarize themselves with these data.

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The professional player flipped through the selection of FV Team and said confidently, “The candidates for FV Team in the next few rounds are basically exchanging two sets of tactics.”

“Even though the heroes they chose in the competitions were different, their tactical choices were not out of the scope of these two tactics.”

“If nothing goes wrong today, they should still use one of these two tactics.”

The commentator asked, “Hasn’t FV Team always been famous for their complex tactics?”

The professional player nodded. “They are indeed famous for their complex tactics, but there is no need to expose too many tactics in the current situation.”

“Since FV Team is playing with weaker teams, they can continue to win by rotating two sets of tactics. There is no need to expose other tactics.”

“In any case, this is our club’s habit. We only use our ‘ultimate move’ at the most critical stage.”

The commentator was very happy. “It would be great if that’s the case. Our commentary would be very easy as long as FV Team continues to use this mature tactic.”

That was because the two strategies that FV Team was currently using had been studied many times by the official data team. They had more or less understood everything from the selection of people to the tactical choices during the competition.