Foreign money online

Foreign money online

“What’s more, it looks like many famous gaming UP Masters have been publishing content about IOI: introduction of new heroes, tutorials for the game, and the like. The game is being publicized on multiple well-known gaming websites as well.

“It looks like they’re giving out cash, just like us!”

Li Yada was stunned. As she ran a search on her own computer, she said, “Don’t panic. When did you say this started?”

Min Jingchao pondered for a moment and said, “Things started looking very different from last Saturday.” Bao Xu, who had been silent the entire time, said, “They worked overtime over the weekend; can we report them to Boss Pei? Can he make them take two days off by force?”

Min Jingchao paused, and then his eyes lit up. “Eh? That’s right. If Boss Pei forces them to take two days off, we will be able to catch up with them, won’t we?”

Li Yada shook her head. “I don’t think so. Shang Yang Games would not make low-class mistakes like that, which would be so easy for us to catch.

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“They probably put all of those things in place last Friday and took a break over the weekend as per normal. On the other hand, the UP Masters and internet cafes were free to implement those new measures over the weekend. “That allowed them to time their moves perfectly and get a headstart without breaking the company’s regulations.”

Min Jingchao: “...indeed, our greatest enemies are our own people.”

That’s right. Apart from others working in the same company, who else would think of getting a head start by taking advantage of their regulated breaks over the weekend?

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Apart from Brother Bao, who else would think about catching up to the opponents by reporting them for working overtime?

One had to admit that, under Tengda’s regulations, the competition between both departments had become so confusing...

Li Yada continued speaking. “Based on common sense, they probably put this plan into place before they ended work on Friday. Now, they must be reaching out to many more internet cafes and UP Masters to gain a fuller advantage.

“What’s more... from what I just found out, they’re going after the huge chain stores. That means they’re using the most efficient method: partnering with large chain internet cafes and giving them generous benefits. “As a result of that, the higher management of all those franchises would insist that their branches marketed IOI. After all, the more they marketed the game, the more benefits they would get!

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“Although only one weekend has passed, we’re already very behind in the competition.”

Min Jingchao’s expression hardened. He had only just found out about this, too. Hearing Li Yada analyze the situation like that made the problem sound more serious than he had imagined.

“Well... What should we do?” Min Jingchao asked.

Li Yada considered for a moment. “Don’t panic. What did Boss Pei teach us? Don’t keep thinking about working overtime and using time or manpower to solve any problem that we run into.

“Just as Boss Pei always says, there must be a better solution!”

Min Jingchao nodded and listened intently.