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Many people agreed with the ‘focus theory’ and felt the need to value their own abilities to focus more, given that Boss Pei had worked so hard for them to do so. They had no intention to cause more trouble for Boss Pei.

However, Pei Qian’s image in the web series had received another boost!

Many people took screenshots of scenes in the online drama, Boss Pei’s Daily Life, and then created stickers of his expressions. Now, more and more people were going to recognize Pei Qian’s face.

Boss Pei’s Daily Life had stopped being updated a year ago, and it had not been as popular as it used to be.

Most web series that stopped updating for such a long time would see sharp declines in popularity and quickly become outdated. That’s because, in the age of the Internet, netizens’ attention would always be focused on the hottest topic at the moment.

Yet, recently, Boss Pei’s Daily Life became popular again!

Many people started watching it for the second or third time, causing the first episode to feature on the website’s home page as well!

Although he felt weird, Pei Qian had to pick the lesser of two evils. Compared to becoming popular as his real self, it was more acceptable to become popular for a role that he had played in a web series.

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What Pei Qian found unacceptable was the income that Boss Pei’s Daily Life was generating again!

The short web series had entered an exclusive agreement with Aili Island back then, which had provided for a special incentive plan with Fei Huang Workspace. Every effective click that lasted for more than thirty seconds could have generated twenty cents of income!

However, there was no such thing now.

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That was because they had signed the contract with Aili Island very early on. At the time, Aili Island was still a small website, in dire need of good resources to attract traffic to their website. That was why they had offered Tengda so much money back then.

Now, Aili Island was getting bigger and better, and there was an increasing number of users on the site. There was no way that the website would make such an attractive offer anymore.

Boss Pei’s Daily Life was still receiving the same amount of remuneration because it had been signed off to Aili Island very early on!

That created an awkward situation. Aili Island probably had not expected a series that had stopped being updated more than a year ago to suddenly become so popular once again.

Yet, they probably weren’t that affected as well. After all, Aili Island was now a big company that could afford that amount of money. Moreover, the more popular Boss Pei’s Daily Life became, the more good publicity the website would get since it had exclusive rights over the video.