What software can be made online

What software can be made online

If she keeps hiding her true nature, we'll never get anywhere.

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"I won't deny that those objectives are part of the reason".

'Part' is the word I emphasized but Kushida-san didn't seem to care about that.

"You seem to be acting based on personal feelings but I'm just wondering how that'll pan out into a strategy. Certainly Horikita-san and I don't get along. But as for the group's scores.....no, if you had been thinking about the class, shouldn't you have put aside your personal feelings?".

Kushida-san said so as she sighed and crossed her arms, declaring the righteousness of her words.

"Your priority is me and me alone, that's why victory or defeat is a secondary concern for you. Am I wrong?".

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"That's right. I can't deny that either".

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"So you admit it".

As a matter of fact, I have nothing to deny it with.

Ever since it was decided that the Paper Shuffle would be occurring, I have been taking action while thinking solely about Kushida-san.

That's also the case when I invited her out for tea during the winter vacation.

I'm doing things I've never done before in my entire life until now.

"It doesn't matter what you do. I'd like you to get it through your head already".

"Unfortunately, that's an impossible request".

Until I have resolved the problem with Kushida-san, I won't be able to move forward.

"It's not my place to say but have you forgotten the promise made in front of the student council president you forcibly dragged me in front of? Leaving aside my feelings, which just won't settle down, I've given my word that I won't sabotage Horikita-san anymore. I had thought you'd at least understand I wouldn't take action carelessly. Or could it be that you thought I'd immediately break my promise?".

I couldn't answer that question with words. In all likelihood, Kushida-san knows of my feelings as well. Half of it would be correct.

Even as I held hopes that Kushida-san is the sort of person to reluctantly abide by her promise, there's still a side of me that thinks she may be moving behind the scenes to expel me, and those two feelings are intertwined.