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"What about the people most likely to act as Nagumo-senpai's pawns?".

"Do you think I'll tell you that much?".

"As a senpai, you wouldn't mind giving the 1st years a little credit, would you?".

"You're saying that? You're a cheeky one".

She said so and laughed. But she didn't seem against it.

"Well, it's not like it's my place to say that or anything though. The 2nd years have a strong sense of camaraderie. Honestly, we 2nd years split up into groups way faster than both the 1st and 3rd years, didn't we? After we received the explanation on the bus, we immediately shared information between classes on Miyabi's command".

They should technically be enemies but as I suspected, they seem to be in a state of cooperation.

Asahina told me the names of each class's representative. Maintaining contact between the four buses, they were able to decide on their small groups to a certain degree. It appears the girls also did something similar.

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"What about when you linked up with the 1st year and 3rd year groups? Did you randomly decide on those as well?".

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Nagumo's proposal for the boys was a draft-based system performed by the 1st years.

"Ehh? Pretty much".

"Pretty much? Does that mean there's an exception?".

Asahina seemed deep in thought while she crossed her arms.

"....why exactly?".

I could tell that Asahina's now harboring doubts. Perhaps she didn't find a resolution immediately, since the silence continued.

"Are you not going to tell me?".

"No, that's not it. There was a request made by the 2nd year girls when forming the large groups. Or rather, they made some adjustments. That small group consisted of people that Nagumo could count on".

If the groups are formed based on Nagumo's orders, then there's the possibility that they were entrusted with a special role. It's a conclusion you wouldn't be able to draw unless you know about the internal affairs of the 2nd years.