Project category of online making money

Project category of online making money

“Trust me, after that, you will definitely gain some realizations about life too!”

Pei Qian scrolled ahead of the video and discovered that Teacher Qiao had truly recorded his entire eight hours of gameplay.

The comments section was practically exploding with enthusiastic fans.

“I’ve truly watched the full eight hours without fast-forwarding. Now, I feel as though I’m starting to contemplate the meaning of life...”

“Teacher Qiao has made such a huge sacrifice! He’s practically living on the edge for this!”

“Teacher Qiao, please stop! Your hairline can’t take this anymore!”

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“Do people have to risk their lives to create a video these days?!”

“I’ve already downloaded it. I’m sure I can find the meaning of life within the desert!”

“The guy who made the previous comment, count me in!”

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“The game’s full name is called The Lonely Desert Road. You can find it on the official games platform. Don’t rush to thank me, I’m just a Samaritan!”

“Count me in +1”

“Sightseeing group, let’s go!”

Pei Qian was completely stumped as he looked at the comments left behind.