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This time, Manager Zhang’s attitude was more respectful, a little like when someone was addressing his superior.

Pei Qian sat down suspiciously.

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“Manager Zhang had given Tengda such a big discount for our rental; Boss Pei has especially come to express his thanks,” Xin Hailu left the fruits on the table as she smiled and said.

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Pei Qian begrudgingly forced a smile. “Yes… that’s right.”

Manager Zhang hurriedly said politely, “Sigh, Boss Pei, you shouldn’t stand on formalities! It is our honor that Tengda has decided to set up shop in Shenhua View. It is part of my job to look out for our tenants; how could I accept your gifts? It should be me going to pay you a visit, actually.”

Pei Qian was speechless, “…”

Something was not right; something was really amiss! Pei Qian was more and more certain that some things that he didn’t know about were happening behind his back; these were important facts at that.

Pei Qian decided to cut to the chase.

“Manager Zhang, let’s be frank with each other. Reducing the rent to 1.5 per square feet… it wasn’t you who made this decision, right? Regarding this matter, I am very grateful and I wish to know which saint had rendered aid to Tengda. I hope that one day, I would be able to return the favor.”

Pei Qian was very sincere.

“Errr, regarding this…” Manager Zhang was a little hesitant.

Indeed, to reduce the rent by so much; it was not something a small manager like him could have decided. He definitely needed approval from above.

Boss Pei wasn’t stupid. Manager Zhang knew that if he said that there was nothing of the sorts; that would not fly with Boss Pei.

Furthermore, Boss Pei wasn’t here to look for trouble or exact revenge; he just wanted to know who had helped so that he could return the favor. It seemed as if there was no reason to hide anything.

The problem was… Manager Zhang actually wasn’t very sure himself where this order had come from.