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“Tsu, Ugh”

“Little man... Your arms and legs seem to be aching... will this also require acupuncture?”

“W-Well, that’s how it is... Urgh”

“Little man!”

It’s not just the fever and a headache. Severe pain keeps running all over my body.

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Only the points that were pierced with acupuncture had abnormally high heat and felt as painful as a cut from a sharp blade.

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Every time I was in shock due to pain, I lost consciousness.

『Child, cast 【Vier】 as you lose consciousness.』

In my fading consciousness, Tre’ainar’s voice echoed...

「Tis training in a dream, child.」

「Nooo!? Damnit, I fainted! 」

And if I lose consciousness, Tre’ainar is waiting in my dreams with arms folded and a full-faced smile.

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「However, tis pathetic to pass out. We only hit two magic holes.」

「I-I’ve lost face...」

「But tis only on the first day that you fall ill so far. From now on, only the pain will accompany the opening process. That is how the body is rebuilt.」