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“What do you think our end goal should be if we start a company?”

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Chang You pondered for a moment and replied, “To knock Shenhua out of the market!”

Pei Qian stayed silent for a moment. “It’s good to have goals, but I think modern society is about being mutually profitable. If you see everything as a zero-sum game, the pie would be way too small.

“What’s more, I think we should be more far-sighted. Shenhua’s cell phone business is not bad, but they are only influential in the local market.”

Chang You paused. “Boss Pei, what do you mean?”

“Our end goal has to be higher. As opposed to knocking Shenhua out of the market, we’d be better off acquiring Pineapple!” Chang You was immediately filled with respect. What was this feeling? It was the feeling of meeting a close friend who knew him inside out!

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Chang You knew very well that this was a two-way choice. Boss Pei was considering whether to recruit him or not, while he was considering whether he could work under Boss Pei or not.

Chang You had always been used to speaking his mind. He never hid his feelings or beat about the bush. Thus, he often posted controversial arguments on his Weibo or expressed them in news conferences. That was how he got his nickname, ‘Big Mouth Chang’.

Many bosses of tech companies did not like him either. They thought he was a show-off who did not know how to do real work.

Even so, Chang You had never considered changing his style. He would only sneer at them inwardly. How could small fries predict the ambitions of the great?

He believed that he would meet a boss who truly understood him one day!

Now, Boss Pei had shown that his thinking was undoubtedly in line with Chan You’s by mentioning acquiring Pineapple.

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What’s more, it seemed like Boss Pei was of an even higher tier!

That’s right. Why should we knock others out of the market? Wouldn’t acquisition be better?

As if in deep thought, Chang You nodded and said, “Brilliant idea, Boss Pei!”

Pei Qian pondered for a moment and asked, “What’s your working style?” Chang You immediately answered, “I’m an independent worker who likes to decide and act alone. I expect all my subordinates to follow my orders. I’m also a perfectionist, and I wouldn’t accept anything less than perfection.” Pei Qian nodded. “Good! That’s the way a leader should think. You shouldn’t be easily influenced by others. I’m on the same page as you!

“What kind of attitude do you have towards the looks of cell phones? Do you agree that we should make our cell phones look like Pineapple’s?”

Chang You decisively denied this. “We must not allow that! A cell phone’s looks are an important part of its branding. We cannot allow our cell phones to model after others’. The cell phones that we design must be unique!”