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"What about you, Ibuki?".

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"I'll go along with your strategy from this point onwards. But if I ever feel it's getting dangerous, I'll step down".

After all, she's also been curious about X for a while now too. I had Ibuki and Ishizaki stand by at the door leading to the rooftop and took the bag from Ishizaki. I retrieved the tools I needed from inside the bag and handed it back to Ishizaki.

"This is.....!?".

"Just wait".

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I opened the door to the rooftop.

There aren't that many schools where the rooftop is accessible all year round but there's a reason for that here. Not only is there proper fencing installed here but there are also surveillance cameras set up. If anyone engages in problematic behavior here, it'll definitely be recorded.

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Of course, students are keenly aware of this which is why they behave themselves on the rooftop. However, every year this rooftop fails to become a popular attraction. This school has its own cafes and malls as well as a variety of other popular attractions.

I'm pretty much the only one who'd go out of their way to come here. But there's a limit to the number of places where they can set up cameras. Above the door leading to the rooftop. That's about it.

Because there aren't many blind spots on the rooftop, one's more than enough. But this means if that camera were to stop functioning, we'd be free of any surveillance.

I stood directly underneath the surveillance camera and looked straight into the lens of the camera. I then pointed a black spray can I had prepared beforehand at the surveillance camera and shot the spray at it.

The camera on the rooftop is the same type of camera as the ones inside the school building. A vandal dome camera. A resilient polycarbonate lens cover and a steel body will protect it against acts of violence.

But violence isn't the only way to disable a security camera. One spray can is more than enough.