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“Ding ding ding~ Correct~! Whether intentionally done or not, a broken watch is a broken watch. And you can get it replaced for free too!”

With a delighted expression, Amasawa showed us the watch attached to her right wrist.

“But even if you broke your GPS before the attack, wouldn’t the school have taken notice?”

“Yeah prolly. But in this case at least, I think it wouldda been pretty tricky to notice with how much of a rush they were in at the time.”

There were well over 400 GPS signals on the island. Even if one or two had been missing from the map, there’s no way they would’ve noticed it back then, and it’s not like they had the time to check everything either. The teachers rightfully needed to prioritize the safety and well-being of the students.

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“The school would still conduct a thorough investigation later on though, right? It’d only be a matter of time before they found out.”

Since Shinohara herself had testified that they had been attacked by someone, the school would definitely investigate the case in detail.

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And, in the process, it was highly likely that they’d find out that Amasawa’s GPS signal was the only one that had disappeared.

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However, therein lies the problem.

“If Amasawa’s GPS signal was the only one missing back when Komiya and Kinosh*ta were attacked, the school would definitely be suspicious. But that’s it. Due to a lack of evidence they wouldn’t be able to conclude that she’s the culprit.”


Having personally witnessed Amasawa’s presence at the site of the attack, Nanase wanted to identify her as the culprit.