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However, you could say there's nothing else particularly noteworthy about it. Because despite Kouenji having a flair for the dramatic, I'm sure everyone else will be able to safely overcome this.

Just like that, our long exam day ended. The group, no, the entire student body is exhausted. Our group will definitely rank far higher than what we expected it to rank at the beginning.

As long as the average score favors us, our group will definitely stand more than a good chance. The rest depends on how well Nagumo's group and the 3rd year group perform.

At the very least we should be above the average. Just like our first day here, all the boys assembled inside the gymnasium. Afterwards, the girls also began assembling. The results of the special exam for both the boys and the girls will probably be announced now.

It's almost 5 o'clock in the evening. It'll probably be late night by the time we get back to the school.

"You all did well in the last eight days of this training camp. The contents of the exam are different of course, but this is a special exam that occurs every few years. Overall, you all did better than the students who took this special exam last time. I suppose you could attribute that to all of you having better teamwork".

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The elderly man I haven't seen before announced all that with a constant smile on his face. Looks like he's the one in charge of this training camp.

"First of all, I'll be announcing the results. For the boys, all groups are above the average set by the school and so there will be no expellees".

The moment that was announced, I could hear the boys breathe a sigh of relief.

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"I see, so no expellees......".

Patting himself on the chest, Keisei sighed. Ishizaki lightly taps him on the back.

"Never once thought we'd be expelled. Because we were aiming for 1st place after all".

No matter what your feelings are, the fact that we've avoided expulsion is a significant one. However, something about the way that elderly man phrased it seemed off. If there are no expellees among the entire student body then there'd be no reason to say 'boys' in particular. In other words---