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Not knowing what it was, I took the paper, and it read “To Earth”.

“What the hell is this? ...... I know, yes, Mr. Aka’s already up...Eh?”

At that time, rather than the letter, I looked around thinking Mr. Aka was sleeping next to me.

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“...... Ah ...... Where’s Mr. Aka?”

However, Mr. Aka wasn’t there any longer.

[S1] Dude, how much clearer does she need to make it?

[S2] And even a free Booty Call card. Most need hours to arrange one, this lucky bastard can get his in 2 seconds.

[S3] Okay, new challenge! Answer these questions in the discord. C’mon, I dare y’all!!!!

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[S4] That’s putting it kindly. Fatal Attraction anyone???

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Big News! [We Hate Isekai] picked up the manga for Scanlation. Chapters [1] & [2] are both up. I know some folks had issue with my attempt, but darn it, that was my first try. Comments made me cry. Anyway glad we get to experience the manga going forward.

Translated by: Sads07

“Earth... I’m sorry.”

Earth. Are yer injuries okay? Actually, I’m really worried.