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“...... Hey, dad...”

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“Father... Why did you become a warrior... Did you want to be an 【Imperial Knight】?”

What I really wanted to hear was... not this. Probably.

No, I haven’t been able to sort out what I want to ask my father in the first place.

However, Tre’ainar said I should have some interest in my father. But to inquire about my father, I didn’t know what to ask, and I was listening to his rambling.

“Why... Oh, you’re about to submit your [Volunteer Warrior’s Notice].”

“Well...... at first...”

“What? You’re probably wondering if you’re going to be an 【Imperial Knight】, right?”

“...... rather than being lost, I’m not sure why I should be an 【Imperial Knight】.”

I’m worried about going to the 【Imperial Knight】.

When I began to talk about it, his father began to panic.

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After all, it seemed for certain that I would join the 【Imperial Knights】 even to my father.

“Um, certainly with your grades you’re entitled to it... It was really hard but your dad became an 【Imperial Knight】.

“I’ve heard that it was easier in the past, but even so it was difficult for my father...”