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“……you, okay?”

On my back, Amae asked me with a curious expression. But now I couldn’t respond at the moment.

Because if what Tre’ainar said was true, what should I do from now on…

『However… from the previous battles and the ranking table, while you cannot beat Aka and Macho in power, at this point, you are already winning in terms of speed.』

『On the other hand, the Karui girl is certainly first class in speed, but when it comes to power, you are far superior… even Jamdi’el… in terms of pure power, cannot contend with you.』

「That seems right, but…」

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『So it was back in your home, was it not? That Second Sword Saint surpassed you in swordsmanship, but you overwhelmed him. You did not fight directly, but you would not lose to the son of that Great Mage in close combat either… do you know why that is?』

Tre’ainar pushed me to the limit while asking me.

There are people who have more power, speed, swordsmanship, and magic than me, so I can’t be at the top in those fields.

However, he also said that there are areas where I am better than they were.

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What exactly does it mean? That is……

『Even if you cannot win in one field… with the overall score…… in other words, with the sum of your strengths, you can win.』