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A bit surprised, Kushida continued.

“I thought you hated me and didn’t want to discuss things with me anymore.”

“It’s not that I hate you. I just thought that you’d rather avoid interacting with me.”

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“Ahahaha! I see! Well, that is true.”

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She responded, laughing not as the Kushida she showed to the public, nor the Kushida she kept hidden within, but from somewhere in between.

“But don’t you have Horikita-san? Isn’t she far more reliable than someone like me?”

“I can’t rely on anyone else, you’re the only one I can ask for this.”

“While I don’t know if I’ll be able to help, I can definitely hear you out. Though, what do you mean by ‘I’m the only one you can ask’?”

She tilted her head, seeming to not have the faintest clue as to why I would want to talk to her.

“I want some personal information about various first-year students. Information they’d be embarrassed about if it became public. In other words, I want you to tell me their secrets.”

“…What do you mean?”

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The smiling expression on her face didn’t fade, but the smile in her eyes vanished.

“You’ve said it before. That you already have enough information to cause the class to collapse. This doesn’t just include Class C, but students from the other classes as well.”

Kushida, who constantly plays the role of a popular person with a good personality, would often have others consult with her to talk about their issues.

She should have a noteworthy amount of information about the students from the other classes, even if it still dwarves in comparison to what she has on the students in Class C.

“And why does Ayanokōji-kun want to know such a thing?”

“Are you aware that Ichinose is suffering because of the rumors right now?”

“Yes. Like how today there were those terrible letters…”

“It’s all for the sake of putting a stop to those rumors.”