How to make money from Taobao

How to make money from Taobao

Ma Yang was holding on to his stainless steel bowl that contained a plastic bag with food inside. Wolfing down a few bites hurriedly, he threw the entire plastic bag into the trash bin.

The reason why everyone bought food from the canteen was because they had class that afternoon.

If they had no class, everyone would be lying in their beds like corpses.

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If someone finally decides to head to the canteen, the rest would ask to get ‘carried’.

But of course, takeaways appeared later on. However, they didn’t have any takeaway apps at that time and would order through making phone calls. Some of the poorer students would do it as a part-time job to earn some side income.

Ma Yang dashed outside and yelled. Before long, the game room was filled.

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Pei Qian looked at the screen on the computer – it was a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) called Gods Rising. Its gameplay was similar to DOTA and was just packaged differently.

In terms of timeline, League of Legends also started gaining popularity from 2011. Even though it existed in 2009, it was extremely poorly made.

Besides, that was based on Pei Qian’s previous knowledge. Given the current changes of this world, there was no guarantee that League of Legends would be created.

During this period of time, MMORPGs still dominated internet cafes and the hottest game was Fantasy World.

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Even though games such as Gods Rising were hot as well, they were more popular within dormitories as they weren’t considered to be pure online games.

While they were played in internet cafes and there were Player vs Player (PvP) games, they could not match up to MMORPGs.

“Brother Qian, why do you seem like you’re so dazed today. You didn’t sleep well?”

Ma Yang was puzzled at Pei Qian’s state. “We’re short of one. Are you coming?”

Pei Qian shook his head. “Nah, go look for someone else.”