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…Hello, as you can see here, this is me on the 3rd day.

The man that was finally “abandoned” by his groupmates, Keita Amano.

I was impressed that I stood here for so long, …am I really an idiot?

I leaned on the pillar before the ticket gate as I deeply sighed.

“I feel like I’m advancing towards the devil’s abyss steadily…”

If things are progressing this way, I don’t even know what will happen on the 4th day of the trip. …It terrifies me by merely thinking about it.

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“Sigh, whatever.”

I mumbled and cheered myself up as I switched my mindset.

In reality, I’m not that upset from being “abandoned” by my groupmates. I’ve always been a loner, so I don’t find the idea of doing stuff on my own repulsive. The worst part is while being with everyone, they still tried to pull some “petty actions” on me. From this perspective, now that I’m entirely alone, I feel this is way better and more relaxing.

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“Even so, there’s nothing for a loner to do in Tokyo.”

I tried to search “Tokyo,” “Sightseeing” online, but the results didn’t impress me at all. This whole day is supposed for group activities. We planned to go to the Tokyo Tower, Ueno, and Asakusa. But, …now that things went this way, honestly, I don’t like following them anymore. I should enjoy myself if I was left alone.

After a while, I decided to message the members of the Game Hobby Club.

<Me: I’m now alone.>

During this time, of course, Aguri-san is the first one to give me a response.