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To better combat the mobile phone business, they were considering releasing a mobile phone here.

Lin Yu was in charge of developing a benchmark mobile phone in Shenhua’s cell phone department. The quality of the phone would be a bit better and would be a little cheaper. Their publicity would also be a little better.

Such close-contact combat was to eliminate hidden dangers in the budding stage enough for them to remain invincible.

However, Boss Pei sent Lin Chang a message when this mobile phone was developed halfway: ‘there was no need for this backup plan.’

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This cell phone was going for 8,000 yuan. Shenhua’s flagship cell phone could already meet the requirements for ‘higher quality, lower price, and better publicity’. There was no need to build a targeted mobile phone.

Therefore, there was no need for this back up plan.

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Lin Wan arrived just as he was thinking. She sat down opposite of Lin Chang and ordered a coffee as well. She then frowned and asked, “Brother, why are you here again?”

Lin Chang’s mouth twitched. “What do you mean by ‘again’? Can’t I see my own sister?”

Lin Wan looked on with disbelief. “I feel like you’re running here very frequently. Do you have some ulterior motive?”

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“How is that possible?! I just like the livable Jingzhou environment!” Lin Chang smiled rather unassumingly. “Also, don’t I have to come over and see you frequently? How are you doing? Everything going well?”

Lin Wan swirled the coffee in her cup. “It’s still alright.”

Lin Chang couldn’t help but be secretly delighted by Lin Wan’s low spirits.