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Obviously, Boss Ma’s guidance had brought the team from acting poorly to being capable of winning Oscars!

It was difficult to make a lousy team capable through instruction and tactical planning alone.

However, it was equally difficult to make a great team horrible through those methods!

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One only had to observe the situation to know that Coach Ma had a unique understanding of the game. That was the only reason why he could equalize both teams through his instructions and cause both teams to learn something from the mock competition!

Thus, Team Leader Su felt infinitely grateful to him. Although Coach Ma was horrible at the game, he was extremely experienced in terms of tactical planning.

Zhang Yuan was speechless. He had not thought that his simple reference to Ma Yang as a ‘special tactical coach’ could have won Team Leader Su over so easily...

However, it was inappropriate for him to clarify things now. Thus, he had no choice but to let the mistake fester.

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Still smiling, Team Leader Su said, “Coach Ma, we’re evenly matched. Let’s play again!”

Ma Yang grinned and said, “Alright!” Zhang Yuan rushed to the second team, led by Jiang Huan, and then shot them a look. “Go ahead.”

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Once everyone entered the private rooms, Huang Wang sorrowfully said, “Brother Zhang, would all the clubs we’ll be visiting be like them? If so, we’d be better off returning to Jingzhou earlier.

“Even with Boss Ma in our team, we’re tied. These teams are horrible, aren’t they?”

Zhang Yuan sighed. “We can’t go back because we haven’t finished spending the funds. Boss Pei wouldn’t allow us to return.

“Just bear with it, everyone. Based on our current itinerary, we’ll visit a new club every three days. Let’s play with the five most famous clubs before we decide on our next move.

“If all of those clubs are this horrible, we’ll forget about the smaller clubs later on. Once two weeks pass, we’ll go home.”

July 7th, Thursday...