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It’s the place where Horikita got mad at us because we made up a lie and called her out.

Horikita paid for Kushida’s drink. Of course, I paid for my own.

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Taking the drink with a smile, Kushida sat down in a seat. We also sat down in front of her.

“Thanks. What did you have to talk about?”

“I’m making a study group to help Sudou-kun. Can you help us one more time?”

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“Who are you doing this for? Is it for Sudou-kun’s sake?”

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Kushida also recognized that her request wasn’t purely altruistic.

“No, this is for me.”

“Is that so. Horikita-san, like usual, acts for yourself, huh.”

“Will you not help people who don’t act for their friends?”

“I think you’re free to think however you want. However, I wanted make sure that you wouldn’t lie, so I’m happy that you answered honestly. Ok, I’ll help you out. After all, we’re classmates, right? Ayanokouji-kun.”

“Y-yea. Please help us.”