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Qiao Liang decided to go with the plot first and play chapter after chapter.

The first chapter was a checkpoint that leaned towards the novice guide category. On a green field, the ones attacking were also relatively simple fat monsters.

During the battle, the character would guide players to make various fitness movements and explain the key points of these movements.

Most of these actions were done on the yoga mat. For example, there were hHigh leg raises, squats, push-ups, abdominal crunches, etc., there are also some difficult movements, similar to Burpees, or other strange-looking movements.

He could tell that these movements were designed by professionals. They were indeed helpful for fitness.

Qiao Liang took out the yoga mat that he had been eating dust for a long time and spread it out in the living room. He projected the image of the tablet onto the television, supported the tablet with a frame according to the instructions, and aimed the camera at himself. Then, he began to exercise.

“Strange, how did it detect my movements?”

Qiao Liang was a little curious. Even though the game had indeed used a tablet computer’s camera and required players to remain within the camera’s range, could the precision and sensitivity of such a camera determine whether the players’ movements were standard?

Out of curiosity, Qiao Liang deliberately skated a little and made a few extremely irregular movements.

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Then, he realized that he obviously could not.

As long as he was moving, the system would calculate that he had completed the movement regardless of whether the movement was standard or not. The system would only be able to judge and wait for him if he left the camera area or did not move.

“This is a little too rough...”

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“However, that makes sense.”

At first, Qiao Liang felt that it was a pity. He had worked so hard to follow the movements, but they were all the same. What was the point?

However, he was no longer thinking purely from the perspective of a gamer. From the perspective of a game designer, it probably could not do anything else.