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When the noise of the cups being put on the table overlapped again-

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-Aguri-san and I can’t hold our laughs anymore.

We laughed at each other carefreely for a while…Then, this time, we sincerely looked at each other’s eyes.

“Well, let’s start our emergency conference right now, alright, Amanocchi?”

“Alright, I understand, Aguri-san.”

We used this overly innocent opportunity and returned to normal.

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“Amanocchi. Firstly, I need to confirm this no matter what.”

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After the conference started, Aguri-san crossed her arms on the table and looked at me face-to-face.

“We…barely counts as not kissing each other, right?”

“Yeah, of course. That’s obviously true, I have no doubt about it.”

The two of us nodded at each other. Then, …two seconds later, we sighed deeply at the same time.

“Phew…Hey, good to know that. I was confident that we didn’t kiss each other. Still, when Tasuku and other people suspected me, …I’m starting to get worried as well.”

“Me too. I’m the type of guy that’s never sure of his opinions. However, I think I’m definitely right about this. After all, I…”

“Yep, me too…”

After we said that, the two of us blushed as we gave our reason why we’re so sure.

“We were completely focused on our lips…”