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There was a big shock among the examinees.

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「Just because you didn’t pass the special exam doesn’t necessarily lead to failure. The vice-director over there will score your fight and if it reaches the passing criteria set by Thousand Blade Academy, of course, you will pass.」

When I added a supplementary explanation, they patted their chests with relief.

「Also, this is not an『actual battle』but an『exam』. Of course, I will be holding back moderately, and I won’t launch any form of lethal attack from my side. Naturally, you would have to be prepared for injuries to a certain extent, but… In that case, after the battle is over, I will treat you with this『darkness』immediately, so don’t worry.」

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I slashed my left hand shallowly and immediately cured the cut with darkness.

The next moment,

「I-It’s out! It’s the darkness that defeated Idol Luxmaria at the Sword King Festival.」

「It’s beautiful… It was worth coming here today.」

「It’s amazing. Is it the healing ability of darkness? I heard it heals instant death wounds, the curse of monsters and demons, and every other thing. It has a reputation for being the highest level as a recovery-type soul dress.」

「And it seems that almost all attacks towards the user are automatically defended with a『dark robe』?」

「Furthermore, a single attack seems to have the power to destroy Thousand Blade Academy, or so I’ve heard!」

「It looks really cool and the performance is perfect. Man, I’m so jealous.」

Their eyes were gleaming with enthusiasm.

By demonstrating the effect of healing of darkness, I seem to have been able to reduce their anxiety a little.

After completing the explanation, I exchanged looks with Ria and Rose. They smiled gently and nodded in response.

(Fuu, thank goodness…)

It seems that there were no deficiencies in the current explanation.