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Pei Qian: “What can you do? Can you make the decision to arrange first-class tickets and five-star hotels for all the team members, or can you find opponents for the team to train?”

Wu Yue: “I...”

He thought about it and realized that he really could not. He might have enough money on FV Club’s accounts but it was really difficult for him to make the decision to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to get to Los Angeles in advance.

Pei Qian said, “There’s no need to think about this anymore. Get everyone an urgent visa immediately! How many people are there in FV Club?”

Wu Yue pondered for a moment. “Team One has five members, Team Two has five as well. In addition, Manager Lu, the rest of the team staff, and so on...”

“Ah, but we don’t need so many people. We can just get Team One and Manager Lu to go. Three rooms would be enough for six people.”

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Pei Qian was very unhappy after hearing that. “How can you only have six people?”

“As the saying goes, the provisions and fodder move before the troops. How can we fight if the logistics and supplies can’t keep up?”

“You are not familiar with Los Angeles so you have to find a translator and a local tour guide who is familiar with the place. You have to have someone make arrangements for meals and accommodations.”

“We can’t be sloppy when it comes to food. Go over there and check if there are any Chinese cuisines with better flavors. Make sure that there are no problems with the team members’ daily diet and that nothing affects their physical condition.”

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“We’ll hire four more bodyguards. I heard that security in the United States is not good. We have to ensure the safety of our team members.”

“Bring a team of sparring partners... I think SUG is not bad. How about this, I’ll fork out money to bring the team members from the SUG along with you.”

“How about this, a total of 30 people. We’ll budget 3,000 yuan per person per day for food and accommodations alone until the end of the competition. That would be about five weeks, right?”

“Just the food and accommodation standards alone cost 3.15 million yuan. Yes, when you arrive in Los Angeles, you might have to do some shopping, buy some local specialties, some cheap digital products, and so on. On top of that, you might also have to pay for a tour guide and a bodyguard, and consider some possible emergencies...”

“Let’s round it up to four million yuan.”

Wu Yue was flabbergasted.

Spending four million yuan on a trip to Los Angeles?

The entire FV Club was not worth that much money!

Wu Yue quickly said, “Boss Pei, there’s no need for that, right? Finger Games will provide food and accommodation after the main competition starts. That’s why the money we really need to spend is just a return flight.”